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Newborn photograhy session Guide 

What to Expect

When you arrive I will settle you all into the studio, offer mum and dad a drink and ask a few questions about your little one. 

I will have a few set ups ready and then as we go through the session we may decide to add others and I will do this between feeds or when you are having a cuddle with baby. 

I will talk you through what poses we will be doing and how they are achieved safely. Some poses may need mum or dad to assist but you will be directed on how to do this.

All babies are different some will settle straight away and sleep throughout the session, and some will stir and wake, and some may cry its all perfectly normal and the session will be lead by your baby.

Things to Bring 

The first couple of weeks can be a blur and you can feel like you are packing everything but the kitchen sink when you leave the house. 

Here's a few things which are useful to bring with you on your Newborn session

All of your usual baby essentials, nappies spare change of clothes etc.

If baby is bottle fed, bring enough milk to last the 3 hour session, plus a little bit more just encase they need a top up.

If baby uses a dummy please bring a couple along as these will help to settle your little one .

Any special comforters, teddies or toys which are meaningful for you.

*When getting your baby dressed before the session please try to avoid putting on a vest and choose a loose fitting baby grow, as this will help getting them undressed when asleep.



As the session is 2-3 hours long there will be plenty of time to feed your little one.  Where possible feeding your Newborn when you first arrive may help settle them to sleep ready to pose them.

If your Breasting I will be lead by you as to when your little one needs a top up, please don't panic if you find they are cluster feeding we may even be able to get some pictures of you feeding if you are happy to.

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