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Clothing Guide 

I often get asked whats best to wear so I thought I would put a guide together, please note this is only a guide, your session needs to reflect you, your family and your personal style. 

Try to choose clothes which coordinate, this doesn't have to mean dressing up in identical outfits but having the same colour palettes picking 2-3 colours and then choose outfits which work best.  Natural and neutral tones work great. Denim jeans pretty much go with anything and are always a safe bet if you are unsure what to wear. 

The studio can become warm so please consider this when picking an outfit, I always advise you wear layers.

Newborn session - I always advise parents to bring a spare set of clothes for themselves as we know Newborns do like to catch us out when changing their nappies so it is always a good idea to have a spare top at the ready.


Maternity sessions- Please make sure you have a plain white and a plain black set of underwear.  I have gowns available to use for the session. 

Things to Avoid 

You want to feel your very best when having your picture taken so try to avoid any clothing you do not feel comfortable wearing as this will reflect in your image.

Please also consider anything you do not want appearing in your image. So for example hair bands wrapped around your wrist, and stickers on clothing, mobile phones in pockets as these may appear visible in the photographs.

Very bright colours and neon can add a colour cast onto your skin which can make you appear to be washed out.

Clothing with brands and large logo ons.

Very bold patterns or designs.  

Visible bra straps.

                      Trainers,    (boots, shoes, sandals or bare feet look better)

Chipped nail polish


For Children (same as above)

Children character clothing including socks.

Stick on transfer tattoos 

Paint/felt tip stain marks on hands 

If your little one has a cold please have tissues at the ready.

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